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IDEEA® vertical window blinds, drop down and retractable awnings

When the blinds rhyme with modernity

Pre-assembled aluminium frames. All the pieces are custom cut and assembled in our factory.

Smart models. The canvas blinds and awnings are available in all the colours.

Vertical blinds
store bannette Heloise v
store bannette à projection avec lambreq
Store à projection avec lambrequin lumin
IDS39 -bannette
IDS 39  pose exterieur
IDS 39 pose en tableau2
store IDS 39 sans guide avec coffre
store IDS 39cablesans coffre
store IDS 39sans guide
IDS39 store bannette_edited
Vertical blinds or
retractable blinds
(drop down)

Vertical blinds (with or without a box)

guide system of your choice:

By tracks

By wires

By aluminium rods

or without guides , “bakery” style awning

and drop down retractable awnings

Retractable awnings
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