​The customized concept

1• I choose my canvas fabric: SOCOTEX has selected quality label canvas fabric for you…

2• I choose my installation system: All kinds of fixtures and fittings. 

With the registered trademark IDEEA® SHADE SAILS, Socotex sells custom made shade sails made with quality technical fabrics that adapt to the environment, the sizes and the projects!

Ever since the product range was launched, it hasn’t stopped developing the performance and the accessories intended to provide maximum creativity, protection and comfort.

The shade sail is made to meet the needs of each project. According to the customer’s needs, it can be fastened directly on to the façade or fixed firmly to poles. When the shade sails are a certain size, a wire reinforcement system is needed on the circumference and back plates at each angle. To shade an area from the sun or for aesthetics, we overlap the canvas, so that we can play with the colours.

IDEEA® SHADE SAILS also includes a fast roll up, fold away shade sail system.

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