IDEEA® POP UP GAZEBO - AbriFacil ®, AbriPratic ®

IT’S UP !!

Temporary, transportable gazebo that can be put up in 2 minutes.

Special "Pro" 

Prestigious coated polyester fabric

2 PVC sides 450 g/m2,

M2 flame retardant classification.

IDEEA POP UP GAZEBO Abri Pratic® and Abri Facil’® with prestigious canvas fabric approved by the BVCTS (French Audit Office of Marquees, Big Tops, Tents and Structures) wind resistance of 80 km/h.

Socotex, is distinguished for having come up with a pop up gazebo that folds away in just two minutes.

IDEEA® POP UP GAZEBO AbriFacil was awarded the innovation prize by « Le Moniteur » in 1993.

Bottom of the range

Aluminium structure, PVC coated polyester inside, 380 g/m²

Formats available in mm: 

3000 x 3000

3000 x 4500

3000 x 6000

Top of the range
IDEEA POP UP GAZEBO AbriFacil® / AbriPratic®

Abrifacil® / Abripratic® is officially approved, with PVC fabric 450 g/m2, M2 flame retardant classification and installed pursuant to the regulations in force concerning CTS (Marquees, Big Tops, Tents and Structures) BVCTS (French Audit Office of Marquees, Big Tops, Tents and Structures)

Formats available in mm  : 

3000 x 3000  / 2000 x 4000 / 4000 x 4000  /

3000 x 4500 / 5000 x 5000*  / 3000 x 6000 /

2000 x 3000 / 4000 x 6000* / 4000 x 8000 /

Hexagonal : Ø 6000

* Large sizes with only 4 poles.

Accessories for pop up canopies


Numerous accessories are available, see the list below, although special products can be made on request, based on the price quoted, ask us about it:

Ballast weight

Plain curtains or with glass

Guy lines and webbing straps


Pole cover



Made with special fabric

Curtains with large vents for abri smokers’ tent.

Printing, personalize your tent to turn it into a marketing tool.


We do all kinds of printing for roofs or curtains.

Christmas stall on request.


Partner for event organisation and rentals


Abrifête : French tent and reception material rental and sales network. It provides personalised services, for all kinds of events (weddings, cocktail parties, exhibitions, different events...) for private or professional use.