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 Une collection de pergolas pour couvrir et fermer votre terrasse

Nous vous proposons également de retrouver sur notre site nos lambrequins lumineux et nos bâches sur mesure.

Pergola vélum ID4 avec stores Grandile pour une grande protection sur une terrasse de CHR à Biarritz

IDEEA PERGOLAS and blinds.

logo SOMFY_motorisation SOMFY sur tous nos modèles

SOMFY motorization on all our models


En choisissant un produit ACT FOR GREEN, vous avez l’assurance d’un produit de qualité développé en respectant des exigences d’éco-conception. 

With the IDEEA TERRACE range
of SOCOTEX and the TaHoma® switch
Control your pergolas and blinds
from home, remotely or automatically.

Add the TaHoma® switch home automation box
in your home and benefit from advanced functions to have all the advantages of a smart home.

Les + pour les pros

Connecter les logements avec TaHoma switch® donne accès à des outils digitaux 100% gratuits qui aident à la mise en œuvre et à la maintenance des installations.

Retrouvez toutes les informations sur TaHoma® pro sur


The latest achievements of our distributors-installers

Idéeà Terrasse - Abritez-vous chez nous

Why install a pergola on a terrace?

Install a pergola on a terrace, in particular the equipment offered bySOCOTEX, offers several advantages. Our pergolas are designed to cover and close the terrace, providing protection against the sun's rays and bad weather.


In addition to protecting yourself from the elements andterms climatic, the installation of apergolatransforms the terrace into a new living space, creating a fluid transition between indoors and outdoors.


Whether it is a garden arbor on the terrace or a house extension, a pergola makes outdoor arrangements more welcoming and functional. Equipped with standard Somfy IO motorization, thecustom pergolas SOCOTEXare the guarantee of easy and reliable use.

Furthermore, by choosing a Act For Green product with SOCOTEX, you benefit from an aesthetic shelter with Somfy motorization which meets high eco-design requirements, for durable and environmentally friendly terrace equipment.

What are the advantages of the eco bioclimatic pergola on a terrace?

THEeco bioclimatic pergolas developed by SOCOTEX have many advantages for exterior design. With their robust aluminum structure, they are designed to last as well as to guarantee optimal comfort.


The canvases allow total control ofventilationand somenatural ventilation, thereby reducing the heat under thepergola. As a terrace shelter, they offer protection against the elements, sun, high temperatures and bad weather, while maintaining a feeling of openness to the outside.


Acustom pergola from SOCOTEXcan include integrated blinds, acting as a windbreak while maintaining the sleek aesthetic as well as integrated LED lighting. Personalization options that transformthe pergolainto a truly new room, increasing the functionality of the outdoor living space.


Oureco bioclimatic pergolasare not only practical but also a high-end aesthetic addition to any patio design.

How to choose a type of pergola suitable for your terrace or outdoor space?

Before opting for apergola modelthat is suitable for the outdoor space, it is essential to consider the architecture and intended use.


WithSOCOTEX, several options are available to you. For an independent installation, a freestanding pergola is ideal while a pergola leaning against the wall is more suitable for spaces adjacent to the house.

Our wave pergolas add modern design. All our pergolas are modular andcustom made thus providing flexibility and adaptability. The pergola awning, equipped with retractable canvases, is perfect for adjusting the shade.


Finally, choose aeco bioclimatic aluminum pergolamade to measure made in France by SOCOTEX allows you to create a harmonious space and to fully enjoy your exterior, even in the off-season.

Which pergola manufacturer to choose for high-end equipment made in France?

For ahigh quality equipmentand an pergola made in France, SOCOTEX positions itself as the No. 1 manufacturer of terrace pergolas in the region.


Specializing in exterior design projects, textile architecture and terrace equipment, SOCOTEX works in collaboration with pergola installers, resellers and professionals such as storists, decorators, landscapers, carpenters, etc.


Do you want to become a distributor or are looking forbest terrace pergolafor your customers? Our expertise allows us to manufacture personalized pergolas that adapt perfectly to all spaces and all constraints. Modern SOCOTEX pergolas, such as the Abrivoile pergola which offers one or more shade sails in its designer aluminum frame, are renowned for elegantly decorating outdoor spaces, while combining performance, quality and durability.


OURFrench artisanal manufacturing guarantees a product of excellence, makingSOCOTEXa preferred choice for professionals looking for an aesthetic, functional pergola based on know-how made in France.



With theirinnovative designand their French manufacture, thepergolas SOCOTEXrepresent an ideal solution to enhance and functionalize any outdoor space.


Ourpergolasare designed and designed to offer optimal comfort and protection while integrating harmoniously into the environment.

SOCOTEXconstitutes the choice par excellence for a superior quality exterior design, which combinescraft tradition and technological innovation.

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