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Mosquito net


Opt for effective protection against insects thanks to mosquito nets!

Equip your openings, such as your windows, doors and bay windows with our tailor-made mosquito nets and create a real barrier against mosquitoes!

Product benefits

Fiberglass fabricwhich our solutions are equipped with provides a strong barrier against mosquitoes and other insects, ensuring a safe and comfortable indoor environment.


They offer several advantages:


Durability and Resistance: Fiberglass is known for its durability, weather resistance and longevity. A mosquito net with a fiberglass frame withstands outdoor conditions well, ensuring a long-term solution.


Transparency and Brightness: Fiberglass allows for visual transparency, allowing natural light to penetrate while blocking insects. This creates a bright and pleasant interior space.


Ease of Deployment: The vertical blind or side door system allows easy and quick deployment of the mosquito net. This provides convenience for everyday use.

Easy maintenance:Fiberglass is generally easy to clean, ensuring minimal maintenance to keep the screen in good condition.

On the frame and frame side, our tailor-made solutions offer:


Adaptability to different window sizes: With an adjustable and tailor-made frame, the mosquito net can be adapted to various window or door sizes, providing a versatile solution for different types of openings.


Aesthetic : A neat and discreet design contributes to the overall aesthetic of the window, elegantly integrating the screen into the surroundings.

Extremely simple opening and closing, achieved with a single gesture


La VERTICALE Vsoco V2.jpg

Window mosquito net

The vertical

Enroulement à ressort

Coffre: arrondi, de 42 mm avec joues télescopiques pour l’installation dans les tableaux pas parfaitement d’équerre

Coloris armature : RAL 9010 et 7016

Mosquito net for door and bay window

The side


Dimension max largeur 1500mm x hauteur 2500mm 

Hauteur min 1000 mm, la hauteur doit toujours être supérieure à la largeur d’au moins 200 mm

Sauf indication et par défaut, le coffre est prévu pour l’installation à gauche (vue de l’intérieur).

Ouverture latérale (horizontale)

Coffre : arrondi, de 42 mm

Enroulement : à ressort

Système d’ouverture à aimant.

si la toile sort, elle peut être facilement remise en place

Rail bas de seuil hauteur 5 mm : facilement démontable pour le nettoyage.

Coloris armature : RAL 9010 et 7016

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