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Acrylic fabrics

Dickson engineers work all year round in partnership with the best international laboratories to develop ever more technically efficient fabrics. This research enabled the use of a new generation acrylic fiber, Sunacryl®, which incorporates color pigments at the time of manufacture. The applications thus benefit from exceptional color durability, rot-proofing and extreme weather resistance.

At the same time, Dickson has developed two high-performance treatments. Cleangard® gives the canvas unequaled resistance against stains, greasy substances and water, while Permaclean®, reproducing the famous lotus effect, transforms textiles into intelligent materials: waterproof and self-cleaning.

Take advantage of the sun and coordinate your garden furniture with your parasol fabric

or shade sail

parasol toile sunbrella socotex
déperlage toile sunbrella
collection sunbrella
confection socotex usine

PVC fabrics

Australia toile Socotex

Australia is a resistant and high density canvas against UV, very suitable for parasols.

This 1.6 mm thick coconut-like canvas will give a modern and original look

to your terrace or garden.

This canvas filters:

- between 91% and 98% of UV radiation depending on the color

Textile with exceptional dimensional stability

10 year UV warranty

Parasol socotex Australia toile
australia-toile coloris rouge
Chocolat -Camel

Australia® canvas


Take shelter with us

Parasol et toile Australia-Socotex.gif

The Soltis is a micro-perforated canvas ideal for creating comfortable atmospheres in outdoor living spaces.

His advantages :

Thermal protection

Blocks heat and promotes air circulation through its micro-vents

Color fastness to UV

Easy maintenance

Soltis 96: Choose a color on the Serge Ferrari website

Soltis 86: Choose a color on the Serge Ferrari website

sous autralia toile
toile soltis

Soltis canvas by Serge Ferrari

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