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Canvas fabric printing

Digital printing or adhesive lettering

on all kinds of fabric.

Socotex has different printing machines. 

Nous vous proposons également de retrouver sur notre site nos lambrequins lumineux et nos bâches sur mesure.

Graphic System Machine  

for heat setting.

Machine guarantee by 3M® and Dickson.

Designs on acrylic or PVC.

Roland digital printing machine 

Reliability, quality printing

Eco Label certified machine.

160 cm print width.

Often copied but never equalled,

this printer guarantees the quality and the richness of colour that really makes the difference. 

It uses the new third generation ECO-SOL MAX 3 inks. 

New pigments for a higher density and a larger colour gamut.

Optimized drying time to meet high productivity requirements.

Multiple uses …

Digital printing machine 3.20 m width 

for direct printing on PVC film and canvas as well as

acrylic fabrics with a 

heat set bias binding film.

This printer uses non-toxic ÉCO SOLVANT inks, it is high performance, eco-friendly, it’s ideal for indoor and outdoor uses.

4-colour process printing on a wide range of formats.

8 Seiko print heads 510 active nozzles 360 dpi.

Printed textile façade.

Achievements taken from the blog

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