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IDEEA® SHADE SAILS : Choose your canvas fabric


I choose my canvas fabric: its texture and its colour.

toile socotex abritez vous chez nous
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ideeaTOILE abritez vous chez nous
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A large choice of canvas fabric, each one has special features, sun protection, full canvas or micro-perforated structure canvas …  

Orchestra : The largest and most innovative range of sun protection fabrics designed by Dickson. 


Orchestra Max : The New Generation self-cleaning and waterproof fabric. 


Australia® : Strong and high-density UV resistant fabric with an original « coconut » style texture


Soltis 86, 92 ou 96 : You won’t feel hot and stuffy anymore thanks to its micro-perforated structure. Under a shade sail: the air moves and you can breathe!

Précontraint 502 : The Précontraint Ferrari technology makes the membranes exceptionally resistant against wear and tear, bad weather conditions and UV radiation.

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