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Textile architecture and metal-textile 

Design and construction of projects with stretched canvas covers.

Textile architecture, tensile structures, metal-textile building, textile façade, sun protection.

From the design to the manufacturing and the implementation of all the projects in France and abroad.

Socotex – Toiles & Structures centralizes all the skills needed to put up tensile structures:

- Study, Manufacturing and installation, we offer the best conditions in terms of quality, safety and price​,

- In partnership with specialised design studios.

- In partnership with leading construction and technical fabric organisations: Dickson, Ferrari,

- Specialist assembly teams.

​- Ten year guarantee.

Auvent pour gare routière
Couverture Bâtiment
batiment architecture textile
Passage couvert en toile
Auvent toile pour hall d'entrée
architecture textile
architecture textile marseille-ab2cs3
Passage couvert
architecture textile socotex
structure metallo-textile pour école
Préau collège
auvent toile pour péniche
Restaurant de plage
structure bois couverture toile
Préau d'école
batiment architecture textile
batiment architecture textile
Façade textile
architecture textile abidjan
gare de lourdes
Auvent toile gare de Lourdes
Couverture textile
Auvent en toile rétractable
auvent toile péniche Rosa bonheur
couverture terrasse avec toile Ferrari - forme type chapiteau
Auvent en toile pour gare
Couverture toile bâtiment
auvent peniche bistrot Alexandre III - 2
facade textile



• The look and the lightness of the lines.

• It blends in perfectly with any type of environment.

• It adapts to numerous constraints of shape and space.

• Weather resistant:

sun, wind, snow, rain...

• Fabric technologically adapted to specific needs: sun protection,

flame retardant, ventilation,...

• Wide range of colours.

Patio and terrace cover

Covered breezeway


Reception hall

Shopping arcade cover

Reception hall


Train station awning


Passenger gallery for airport

Gas cylinder

Textile façade

Stretch ceiling


Indoor market

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