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Textile production
Rideau Cristal - Fermeture Velum du midi

All textile production in technical fabric or tarpaulin custom made with a big membrane. Top of the range custom made canvas fabrics manufactured or replaced!

ID3 pergola vélum
Stores Grandile Socotex.jpg

Monoblock/Cassette awning, box awning, drop down awning and retractable awning.

The blind comes back into fashion with a new generation design.

IDEEA AWNING : when the blinds rhyme with modernity! 

abrivoile - voile d'ombrage sur mesure Socotex

IDEEA SHADE SAILS. Custom made shade sail. Socotex with its IDEEA SHADE SAILS product range is a benchmark in this field. Your partner to carry out any type of project.


Abrifacil, tente repliable

Abrifacil ®

The pop up gazebo, pull, unfold, it’s up ! Ideal for events, last minute evening gatherings with friends or the family!

parasol inox et bois - bois d-honfleur design 41.jpg
Impression sur toile, banderole fabriquée sur mesure par Socotex
Lambrequin lumineux pour devanture de commerce

Top of the range parasol / sunshade

sunshade with aluminium, steel, stainless steel, wood or bamboo frame. Sunshade in standard canvas fabric or made to order available in a choice of colours.

Dickson, Sunbrella or Serge Ferrari.

Designs on acrylic or PVC fabric, heat setting or digital printing.

Reliable and quality printing with the

Eco Label certified machine. 

abri couverture textile sur mesure, des structures metallo-textile pour couvrir vos drives, passage, hall d'entrée, préau, espace de vente en extérieur
Abribambou, la tente de réception bambou, le chapiteau écolo. Fabrication Socotex
architecture textile, les couvertures textiles sont incontournables dans l'architecture textile et le seront davantage avec le réchauffement climatique

A large selection of canopies and reception tents.

There are also temporary textile structures and custom made marquees.

the eco-friendly marquee!

An exceptional concept:

Originality, brightness and lighting,

aestheticism, strength,

ecological, elegance…

The textile covers are essential in the world of modern and old buildings for numerous uses.


Abrisiesta or quality garden furniture with an original and durable range of products made in bamboo.

There are also canvas privacy screens or trellises, a range of Solamagic heaters and lighting.

Custom made covers or cushions.


Pergola abrivoile elysee.jpg

Pergola Abrivoile®

SOCOTEX exhibited its Abrivoile® #voiledombrage pergola at the Great Exhibition of Made in France 2021 at the Elysée!


SOCOTEX celebrated its 50th anniversary

We will soon tell you about this beautiful event.

see you soon on our blog

Our photos are not retouched - it is not about photo montage - property Socotex

haut de gamme sur mesure


Déborah Peyrucq à l'Elysée

Déborah Peyrucq

CEO of Socotex

She won the Normandy edition of "Les Femmes de l'économie" for helping to boost her region's economy.

Déborah PEYRUCQ was awarded the prix Femme Dirigeante (Female Director Prize).

The Femmes de l’économie reward and value women with remarkable professional careers in the different affluent business sectors.


SOCOTEX, manufacturer – designer of custom made projects for 45 years.

With the brand GET SHADE WITH US of products, top of the range and custom made, from the family company Socotex, based in Honfleur.

No.1 in patio and terrace accessories.

These creations, products and trademarks are distributed by small or large specialised firms such as the decorators, blind manufacturers, fitters, landscape gardeners, carpenters and other professionals, distributors – fitters throughout France and abroad.


An extensive catalogue that is the result of outstanding family success


Pergolas, Awnings and blinds, shade sails, sun protection, umbrellas, parasols, sunshades, canopies, pop up, marquees... the catalogue is extensive so you will be able to find the product that suits your needs perfectly.

The area of expertise is broad, in custom made production and in textile architecture for example with the top quality and high tech waterproof canvas fabric sun protection.


The brand IDEEA® AWNINGS includes an extensive range of models with a smart look and updated lines for more modernity.


The Socotex brand IDEEA® SHADE SAILS has come up with custom made shade sail fittings that guarantee aestheticism (various shapes and colours), strength and quality.


Our brand IDEEA® PERGOLAS includes designer pergolas made with innovative canvas fabrics!

Ever since the product range was launched, we haven’t stopped improving the performance, the models and the options intended to provide maximum comfort.

Close the sides off with the blinds or curtains, warm up with the infrared heaters and the colour thanks to the numerous canvas fabric colours, create the atmosphere that you want with the built-in LEDs.

The expertise associated with the different brands helps to complete a vast number projects from A to Z, by choosing the models, the materials, the colours.


Xavier Peyrucq, fondateur Abritez-vous chez nous

Xavier Peyrucq


Get shade with us

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