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The French Minister for Foreign Trade, Olivier BECHT, visited our company SOCOTEX

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

On Tuesday September 12th, the French Minister for Foreign Trade, Olivier BECHT, visited SOCOTEX in Honfleur. Deployed throughout France to promote his new "Dare to Export!" international plan, which includes the VTE (Volontariat Territorial à l'Export) system to complement the VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprise), we had the honor of showing him our company's products.

Leading by SOCOTEX CEO Déborah PEYRUCQ, the sub-prefect, Team France Export, the CCI, the Mayor of Honfleur and Ouest-France were able to visit our factory and observe our creations.

1- Workshop

The Minister began his visit in the canvas-making workshops, where he was able to discover the skills and know-how of the seamstresses (high-frequency and ultra-sonic cutting of awning canvas, edging, assembly, canvas and sleeve passing).

2- Shade sails

They then moved on to shade sails. Déborah first presented the extent of our know-how in this field, and the various developments and evolutions of this product since its launch in 2007 with the Abrivoile® registered trademark. On the fabric side, she presented Socotex's trademarked Australia® fabric, which is particularly well-suited to shade sails and offers several advantages:

> A modern look with its "coco" texture and appearance,

> Exceptional dimensional stability

> UV resistance, blocking up to 98% of UV rays and 96% of light, depending on color.

> Manufactured from recycled fiberglass with 2 environmental certificates.

> A wide range of colors.

Finally, Déborah highlighted the incomparable advantages of this made-to-measure solar protection system, which adapts equally well to the environment and to atypical locations.

This solution, which reinvents itself to suit each individual project, offers multiple possibilities and continues to impress in terms of both aesthetics and protection.

3 - Pergola

Next, our guests turn to the pergola. Outdoor protection and decoration, pergolas come in a variety of formats and with a range of special features, including specific pergolas:

- ID2 = motorized awning pergolas

- ID3 = manual pergolas

- ID4 = motorized velum pergolas

All these models are available with ZIP vertical blind side closure solutions for added comfort.

4- Blinds

The must-have SOCOTEX awning range with full LED lighting.

Innovative creation: the illuminated lambrequin. Socotex has registered its model, which qualitatively sets it apart from the competition with a reliable, top-of-the-range product. Made in SOCOTEX, it brings brightness and visibility to our marking, day and night.

5- Graphics/ visuals

Discover our graphics, visuals and lettering department for Mr. Minister. This is where lettering and branding (e.g. a logo) are created. They help to promote an establishment by identifying it. What's more, every customer is free to do as he or she wishes.

According to the Minister, the export division would be an asset for the company, as we offer a wide range of products, taking into account the economic outlook as well as climate change.

SOCOTEX was awarded the "Trophée de l'économie normande" in the category Développement & Export en 2022.

Next export appointment with Socotex: R+T trade fair in Stuttgart


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